Cloud Mining Rig

Industrial Grade Systems

Our large format industrial miner, will likely when completed be the most space and cost efficient miner in the world. We expect to be able to install up to 16 PH/s of Bitcoin Mining Capacity on a Single m2 of floor space.

Active cooling technology

Our unique Active cooling technology is expected to be silent and also extremely cost efficient to manufacture. At the same time it will be the most energy efficient cooling on the planet, where the heat can be re-utilized to produce energy.

Cloud Mining
cloud mining chip


Our proprietary custom 7nm ASIC is expected to be the worlds fastest and most energy efficient chip for SHA-256 mining. With efficiency levels of below 20W per TH/s we expect to have the lowest break even point of any miner. The technology has been verified by 3rd party due diligence. The mask design for the ASIC has been completed and is ready for production.