Evolution Global AS is a Norwegian company that has developed a new generation of Cryptocurrency

mining equipment for Bitcoin and other currencies based on our proprietary ASIC mining chip

Our Dedicated team holds over 220 Patents in the field of Semiconductors and with a average experience of over 30 years each we have a truly hardcore development team backing our technical development of ASICs.

Evolution Globals has designed the first true industry grade Crypto Currency Miner. The miner uses liquid cooling, which allows our revolutionary ASIC chip to operate at higher GHz than if it was used in a traditional air-cooled miner. This design further adds competitiveness to our miner.

Our preferred choice is to build Mining facilities from scratch, when scaling up capacity. These facilities have been designed from scratch with help from selected specialist vendors to help ensure optimal efficiency and stability of operations.

Advantages to other cmos designs

Projected J/GH performance is expected to greatly exceed Antminer S9 and other leading miners.

Depending on choice of platform we expect to reach a performance at less than 10 watt per TH/s.

Proprietary liquid cooling enables us to cool better using free natural cooling from cold mountain rivers in Norway. This consumes virtually no energy for cooling and enables us to clock our chips at higher frequencies without overheating.

Specially designed data-centers with industrial scale mining rigs with water cooling enables us to profit from lower maintenance cost.