Hosting Services:

Ready to build and operate Hosting Facilities tailor made for for any type of mining hardware.

ASIC or GPU based systems. 


We have several locations with a total of 80MW free capacity available  that could be in operation by December 2021.

We are in progress to secure more capacity that can be available in 1Q 2022.

Another 300MW available by early 3Q 2022.

Our secured locations where we have 80MW can be expanded to add further 300MW in 18 months. 

In addition we have option to secure further 200 MW end 2023.

Hosting Facilities

In Norway we have vast amounts of clean hydroelectric energy a relatively cold average temperature, clean air and plenty of cold fresh water for cooling. Water is of the best drinking quality. 

Our state of the art facilities are designed tailor made for the use of S19Pro type Mining HW. Special care has been made to soundproof the facility while at the same time providing sufficient cooling from filtered air.

The design target is that the noise on the outside shall be such that it allows for operation even if distance to neighbors is less than 100m.

We can host both air cooled and liquid cooled systems. 

Time to completion

We have vendors and sub contractors lined up that will enable us to build a hosting facility from scratch in 3-4 months on the locations with 80MW currently secured. Build of multiple locations in parallel is possible.

The key to success is tailor made designs, standardization and choosing the right vendors.

Our team has Bitcoin mining experience since as early as 2009. And is familiar with all generations of mining hardware available. 

Advantages to our competitors


Located on various sites in Norway. 

In Norway we benefit from 100% clean energy where the energy mix consists of 99% hydroelectric and 1% wind. This gives stable and predictable energy supply year round.   

Relatively cold temperatures, access to vast amounts of crystal clear ice cold water for cooling or and cold temperatures most of the year in our mountain locations.

With average air temperature around 2 degrees celcius making it ideal for air cooled systems. 

All locations have people available 24/7 


Norway has the lowest cost electricity rates in Europe and we can offer 5 year fixed rates at around 4.9 US$ Cents per Kwh. 

Hosting services provided at extremely competitve prices with all inclusive packages available. 

In addition to having a very modern and stable grid with high uptimes Norway has a stable political environment, solid economy, and is one of the best countries in the world to conduct business with. 

Also Norway is crypto friendly with no additional taxes for cryptomining. There is no import duties for import of mining hardware to Norway.

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Specially designed data-centers with industrial scale mining setups, Efficient cooling, Flexible and scalable electrical solutions.

We offer full CAD and design solutions to our customers and we can visualize the data center before being build that way we can pinpoint issues already in the design process. 

Our team has experience in building and running data centers since 1996.

All our locations are centrally monitored and administered from our command centre with personell and security on site 24/7. 

In addition high level of security is enforced in all our locations.