How much is your pool fee ?

We charge no pool-fees! all coins the pool earn (Mining reward + Transaction fee allocation) are split proportionally among our pool members based on their hashrate share. When comparing us to other vendors please do look for this often hidden fee. Which is 1-2% of all your mining proceeds and quickly adds up to a […]

Why purchase a cloud mining contract.

When we start our mining operation you are likely to get more bitcoins for your money, and less risk due to the following reasons: 1. Based on the current hashrate and bitcoin price (Jan 1 2019) the cloud mining contract equals to buying Bitcoin at a significant discount to the Bitcoin price. Although this may […]

Can I add more hashrate later

In principle you can add multiple purchases to your account later. We only plan to sell limited capacity to the public. We expect to be sold out shortly and do not plan to re-open sale to the public as our focus when expanding will be on professional investors buying large volume capacity.

Do I need to do something after buying hashrate.

After buying hashrate with us you simply need to sit down and wait a while. Mining is expected to start around May 2019. Once mining starts you will be notified via the email you registered when you placed your order. Make sure you keep this email updated at all times. You will be notified via […]

Why do I earn more with Evolution than others.

We have a new groundbreaking technology that reduces electricity cost by over 80% compared to miners using the industry standard Antminer S9, that gives you a lower cost and higher profit on your investment. Since we can mine with less power we pass that saving over to our customers, and since we can stay profitable […]

How do I start mining with you.

To start mining simply buy a cloud mining contract from us. You don’t need any hardware to do cloud mining. The whole point of cloud mining is that we do all the mining for you and give you the profits.

Cloud mining versus Buying Miners yourself

The alternative to cloud-mining is to buy, install and operate your own miner equipment from a vendor abroad. To most the alternative is to buy hosting (includes maintenance and operations) from a Hosting provider. The drop in BTC price in 4Q 2018 brought several hosting sites to bankruptcy. It may happen again. The challenge is […]

When will Mining start?

Mining is shcheduled to start by end May. In the event of delay, then for every day delayed start the contract termination date will be extended with one day. So total time of mining stays the same. In the event of shutdown or power failure for over 1 day mining will be extended with the […]

What is Cloud Mining.

Cloud Mining is the process of mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power often contracted through a Cloud Mining company in our case Evolution is the Cloud mining company. This type of mining allows users to mine Bitcoins without having to manage their own hardware. Since Cloud Mining is provided as a service […]

How many bitcoins can I mine every day

The amount of bitcoins that 1 TH/s can mine every day depends on many factors. Total amount of hashrate in the world. Price of bitcoin that drives the total hashrate. (if price is too low and complexitiy too high miners will shut off their hardware and complexity goes down.) As a general rule of thumb […]