Why purchase a cloud mining contract.

When we start our mining operation you are likely to get more bitcoins for your money, and less risk due to the following reasons: 1. Based on the current hashrate and bitcoin price (Jan 1 2019) the cloud mining contract equals to buying Bitcoin at a significant discount to the Bitcoin price. Although this may […]

Can I add more hashrate later

In principle you can add multiple purchases to your account later. We only plan to sell limited capacity to the public. We expect to be sold out shortly and do not plan to re-open sale to the public as our focus when expanding will be on professional investors buying large volume capacity.

Do I need to do something after buying hashrate.

After buying hashrate with us you simply need to sit down and wait a while. Mining is expected to start around May 2019. Once mining starts you will be notified via the email you registered when you placed your order. Make sure you keep this email updated at all times. You will be notified via […]

Why do I earn more with Evolution than others.

We have a new groundbreaking technology that reduces electricity cost by over 80% compared to miners using the industry standard Antminer S9, that gives you a lower cost and higher profit on your investment. Since we can mine with less power we pass that saving over to our customers, and since we can stay profitable […]

What payment types do you accept

Currently we accept the following payment types. Credit cards via Paypal Checkout or Stripe Checkout Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum Via Coinbase checkout. Direct Bank transfer: Transfer directly in Euros or NOK to our Bank account.

When are Bitcoins transferred to Customers

Once mining start you will register your own user account on our mining pages. Here you will define your external cryptocurrency/Bitcoin wallet where you want your mined coins to be transferred to. Be aware that for each transfer to your external wallet there will be a small transaction fee (controlled by the Bitcoin network) so […]

Why prepaid all inclusive

By prepaying for electricity and all costs on a long term perspective it gives us stability to guarantee service in the years to come. In a industry where too many contracts are dependent on maintenance fees to be paid from the rewards every day. There is a added risk that operations will cease if there […]