How many bitcoins can I mine every day

The amount of bitcoins that 1 TH/s can mine every day depends on many factors.

  1. Total amount of hashrate in the world.
  2. Price of bitcoin that drives the total hashrate. (if price is too low and complexitiy too high miners will shut off their hardware and complexity goes down.)

As a general rule of thumb at the current block reward of 12,5 BTC per Block (every 10 Minutes) the entire world can only mine 1800 BTC per 24 hour period. (this number varies a bit as hashrate goes up or down.

You can for instance check out choose ASIC and under SHA-256 enter the amount of hashrate in GH so 1 TH would be 1000. Set price and energy to 0 (since our contracts are all inclusive) and you can easily see how many Bitcoins you can produce at any given time. Numbers are in real time and this changes slightly every hour/day/minute.

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