Why purchase a cloud mining contract.

When we start our mining operation you are likely to get more bitcoins for your money, and less risk due to the following reasons:

1. Based on the current hashrate and bitcoin price (Jan 1 2019) the cloud mining contract equals to buying Bitcoin at a significant discount to the Bitcoin price. Although this may vary due to changes in the hashrate, a cloud mining contract will  historically give you more bitcoin each month, than what you had received for the same amount of money buying bitcoin directly in the market.
2. A cloud mining contact give you the possibility to build yourself a monthly cash flow, rather than having to speculate on timing in such a volatile market as the bitcoin price.
3. If the Bitcoin price falls, the global hashrate also falls, giving you more bitcoin each month making up for much of the price risk associated with bitcoin.
4. It is very difficult to safely buy a large amount of bitcoin in the market due to the maximum purchase cap at the bitcoin exchanges. A cloud mining contract is often the only way of safely getting a large amount of bitcoin for your money, and for institutional funds and investors to diversify into bitcoin.
5. A cloud mining contract gives you freshly mined virgin bitcoins that is often valued more than circulated bitcoin due to the 100% certainty they have not been used for any illegal activities. The only way to receive real virgin bitcoins is through mining or buying the miners wallet directly.
6. A cloud mining contract gives you the possibility to mine other SHA-256 algorithms and crypto currencies if they become more valuable or profitable than Bitcoin in the future, making diversification possible and eliminating much of the risk associated with just buying one type of cryptocurrency.

If Evolution Global new chip is working as the tests are showing it is likely to do, we expect to be the mining operation with the lowest break-even price of any mining operation in the world today. This means we are likely to continue to mine also at low bitcoin prices, even when our competitors have to shut down their operation due to their higher costs.

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